Working at a SaaS company, there isn’t too much of my recent “work” work that I can easily display. Some recent work projects include architecting a “command bar” feature where available commands are based on global application state, writing custom data viz React components and data viz utilities, integrating Apollo/GraphQL into the client side of my company’s app, and a lot of new UI feature development. However, I’ve always got some creative coding side projects kicking around, which mostly end up on Instagram. Here are some more visible recent(ish) work or side projects:

Amperity Retail Monitor

Site displaying anonymized retail performance trends for Amperity's portfolio of retailer clients.

McCann NY Site

I built the frontend of this site as a React app that consumes a WordPress API. This has since been rolled out as a WP theme for many of the global McCann offices. Looking at it 3 years later there are some things that are now a bit broken (it doesn't seem to be getting any maintenance!), but there is still a lot of fun stuff to be found when interacting with the site.

Mastercard Decibel App

This was a quick turnaround (2 days) project to make a working decibel meter app for a MasterCard World Series spot. A lot of pain and frustration got forced into those 2 days, but the final product performed pretty well given the circumstances.

Logo Animations

One way I've passed time on work commutes is iterating on logo animations. Sometimes they get used.

Design Team Drawing Tools

I've made a couple drawing tools for my company's design team to use to iterate on some broadly spec'd out ideas. These include a CLI tool (linked) and a GUI tool for making grid-based animations (shown).

JS Games

At various points I've sat down to just make games. Mostly clones. Why not?


I made a physical harmonograph for a hack day project with some work friends a while back and was taken by how mesmerizing it was to watch it in action. Wanted to make a virtual version of one where I could cheaply try out different ideas while still getting to get lost in the motion... watching the process unfold is often a lot better than the end result with these designs.